Atta Girl at REVOLT!

REVOLT happened on 13th October 2012 – a night celebrating DIY, feminism and Riot Grrrl, and what a night it was! We were invited to run a How To DJ tutorial, as well as spin our favourite tunes after the bands had finished.

The turn out was incredible – there was a real sense of community, friendship and safety. All the good things we should expect from a night out, except this one was particularly special. There was a buzz about the place, people chatting and sharing, flicking through the amazing selection of zines from Marching Stars Distro. We also left our own Atta Girl mini zines on tables (Yay if you got one!).

Lauren was busy showing people how to DJ – each person’s face seemed to light up when they faded a track in or out, proving just how simple it can be! Plus, it was great to hear what tracks our ‘students’ chose from our record collection, especially ones that we don’t play as often but clearly should! Hopefully the quick how to DJ tutorial has shown people how accessible it is and hopefully they try it out more in the future – or even set up their own night…

There were some brilliant acts; Lashings of Ginger Beer Time were hilarious with their take on The Lion King’s ‘Hakuna Matata’ (they changed it to ‘Vagina Dentata’ – genius!) Teenage trio Skinny Girl Diet also captured everyone’s attention with their raw, unashamed vocals and grungey guitar sounds. There were also some wonderful spoken word acts – notably Cath Elms of Here In My Head zine, reading about Shyness and how it has affected her personally. Bethany Norris performed the most gorgeous poetry about love, which captivated everyone in the room.

As for ATTA GIRL? We got to spin our full set at the end of the evening. There was something intimate about all these people coming together, dancing and enjoying the tunes we played. On a personal level it gave me (Sarah) a lot more confidence to play more popular girl tunes – and observe what is happening on the dance floor to decide what to play next. It was also really fun having people ask me for requests! The sweetest part of our set was when Lauren played Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill and we saw some of the cutest slow dancing ever! It was truly heart warming.

It was really fun hanging out with Ditch Your Boyfriend, they played some great music! We’d love to team up with them again in the future! Keep on the look out for DYB club nights in Coventry here:  while you’re there, *Like* REVOLT’s page

Overall, REVOLT was an awesome night to be involved with, and we are so glad we were invited! The turnout showed that DIY, Feminism and Riot Grrrl are certainly not dead, but going from strength to strength. It was an exciting and inspiring evening!
See you all on 5th November for more fun and dancing!

Lauren & Sarah xx

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